FIRST Tech Challenge
at the
Königin Katharina Stift

F.R.O.G. F.R.O.G.


Frog Robots Of Germany


Oscar, Tobias, Feli, Juri, Kati, Mahir

We are team F. R. O. G., successors of the oldest FTC Team in Germany. Unitedly, we try to support new and unexperienced teams from all of Europe. Also, we try to found new teams in Germany, thus making FTC as a hobby for young science-interested people more popular. For that, we go to fairs and give online interviews, ie. the Highlights der Physik ("Highlights of Physics") in Würzburg or the Großen Preis des Mittelstandes ("Great price of the middle class"). At the moment we are also trying to get to present ourselves at the IdeenExpo in Hannover.

Awards won:

4th Ranked Team im Robotgame Netherlands League Meet 1, Eindhoven

Saison 2020/21:

Championship of Missouri and Kansas:

qualification for final in Detroid

2nd Ranked Team im Robot Game
Connect Award Winner

Missouri South West Championship:

Inspire Award 2nd Place
3rd Ranked Team im Robot Game
Connect Award Winner

Canada Cup:

Compass Award Winner
Connect Award Winner


Think Award Winner

6th Ranked Team im Robot Game

Motivate Award Winner



Our robot:


Meet Kwarksi!
Our seventh team member

Introduction video of our team from second last season:

Application for the Kaiserslautern Invitational 2019